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Collecting or investing can be a rewarding experience for anyone who approaches the calling armed with the right attitude and background knowledge about this exiting field.

For hundreds of years rare coins and precious metals have proven themselves to be an excellent hedge against inflation, and source of ready money in times of disaster.

There is no reason to think that this will change in the future. Gone are the days when coin collecting was only a passive hobby for those who study the history and artistry of these enjoyable objects. It has now grown into an activity where speculation on the future demand for rare coins has made them part of many investment portfolios.

Informed investors have long considered coins not only as a means for capital appreciation, but also as a way to secure long term retirement goals, establish a confidential low key way of protecting their own investment assets to balance out the fluctuations in dollar related portions of their holdings and to enjoy owning something they have learned that over time, would stay in demand, hence providing safety as well as possibly spotting and owing certain rare coins that have been for the most part undervalued, and subsequently realizing a higher demand thereby showing great profits when sold down the road.

Protecting valuable coins is an important part of investing. The best protection for keeping coins pristine is to store them in an inert, airtight plastic holder, away from paper products, cigarette smoke, wood, natural rubber, paint and textiles such as wool or felt. Humidity greater then 75% can also be harmful.

Coins are a mirror of history and art that tell the story of mankind over the past 2,600 years, reflecting economic struggles, wars, prosperity and creativity of every major nation on earth. We are but the custodian of these historic relics, and must appreciate and care for them while in our possession. Those who treat rare coins with the consideration and respect they deserve will profit in many ways, not the least of which can be in the form of a sound financial return on one's investment of time and money.

Advantages of Rare Coins as an Investment

The following summarizes some of the main advantages of rare coin investments.

1. Rare coins have historically protected or preserved wealth as strong inflation fighters, particularly in countries whose paper currency has been severely weakened. Any time our paper money is threatened, rare coins can protect wealth much like an investment in gold bullion.

2. Rare coins are selling at steep discount to their 1980's highs and, given the cyclical nature of the rare coin market, may be poised for rapid price appreciation in the near future.

3. The beauty of rare coins can be enjoyed much like any other work of art. They are also a very private form of investment not subject to government scrutiny common to other types of investments held in banks and by brokerage houses.

4. Rare coins are easy to store and are virtually indestructible. They are also insurable. Rare coins represent truly portable wealth which can be moved from place to place very quickly and easily.

5. With thousands of coin dealers around, selling most quality rare coins is quite easy making them a fairly liquid investment.

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