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Half Cents

Half 1794 Half 1794
Code: 8
Price: $899.00
Country: US
Denomination: Cent
Grade: PCGS 06
Grader: C-2a. Rarity-2+. Normal Head, Small Edge Letters.
Quantity in Basket: none

Half 1795-Double Struck. Half 1795-Double Struck.
Code: 9
Price: $1,199.00
Country: US
Denomination: Cent
Grade: PCGS 08
Grader: C-6a. Rarity-2. Plain Edge, No Pole. Thin Planchet. Double Struck.
Quantity in Basket: none

Half 1834 Half 1834
Code: 10
Price: $2,999.00
Country: US
Denomination: Cent
Grade: NGC/CAC 65+
Grader: Pop =2
Quantity in Basket: none

Half 1853 Half 1853
Code: 11
Price: $0.00
Country: US
Denomination: Cent
Grade: NGC/CAC 64BN
Quantity in Basket: none


The United States minted Half Cents intermittently between 1793 and 1857. While this unusual denomination might seem useless today, it was an important part of our monetary system back when working wages were $1 per 10-hour day.

Major Types of US Half Cents Rare Coins (in chronological order):

The Liberty Cap Half Cent came in two different versions: the Head Left (issued in 1793 only) and the Head Right (issued from 1794 to 1797). The 1793 Half Cent is a scarce date and was one of the very first coins issued by the U.S. Mint. The rarest date in the Liberty Cap series is the 1796.

The Draped Bust design appeared from 1800 to 1808, but no Half Cents were struck in 1801. The rarest date of this design type is the 1802, all of which were struck on cut-down Large Cents.

The Capped Bust design appeared on Half Cents beginning in 1809 and ran through 1836. No Half Cents were issued between 1812 and 1824, mostly because demand for the denomination was low and the Mint had difficulty obtaining planchets. In 1825, Half Cent coinage resumed, with breaks in 1827 and 1829. Rare dates of this type include 1831 and 1836, both issued only as Proofs.

The final Half Cent design type, the Braided Hair, first appeared in 1840 and ran through 1857. Rare dates of this type include the Proof-only issues of 1840-1848 and 1852.

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